Another hour+ phone call with Health and Human Services

I’m dealing with some nice folks at the Seattle office of Health and Human Services.  We’re trying to make headway in understanding the ACA and mitigating the damage it has done to me and my family.

Today I lost yet another hour to the confusion generated by this 1000 page mistake.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe it is a deeply shameful situation, the state of u.s. health care.  It’s mediocre and expensive, and it remains inaccessible for the most part.  Take just last week, when I discovered law OAR 410-120-1280, which makes it illegal for me to pay a doctor for services since I am on the Oregon Health Plan, which I am on because of confusion about how to qualify my existing health insurance and because of the vast screw up that was CoverOregon.

I’ll post about the idiocy of OAR 410-120-1280 again later – but for now I just want to mention that the gal I’m working with at HHS is rather nice – not the quickest kid on the block, but pleasant.  We’re slowly bringing her up to speed on the situation – and she’s been working on my case for almost two weeks.  I’m not sure what role she plays in the HHS, but she’s able to contact the IRS on my behalf, since the IRS is refusing to discuss the ACA with citizens.  The IRS’s official stance is “wait until 2015 and find out what happens then” – the IRS is, in no way, supportive of trying to make sound financial decisions in 2014.

Catch this – I’ve got health insurance, I had health insurance that worked well for my whole family.  Then we found out that Obama and our senators and representatives supporting the ACA basically were lying out of their cake-holes.  “Keep your insurance” my ass – there is nothing even remotely like that, nor was there ever any intention for that.  Nothing but lies, more lies, and damn lies – and I voted for that prick (one of the terms I reserve for public officials who lie) – but no more.  I will never again respect the federal government, they have demonstrated an astounding incompetence in governance – and they simply can not be trusted – in any way.  They have become a domestic threat to the citizens – but that too is the subject for another post.

Today I just want to document the pleasant conversation I had with the gal at the Seattle district office.  She was nice, a bit thick, but nice.  She feels like I keep throwing twists into the story I tell her, and I feel she keeps trying to pigeonhole my situation into one she’s heard before.  She claims I keep revealing new information, and I feel she keeps ignoring information that doesn’t fit her expectations.  She’s a federal employee though, so we can’t expect much from her – i’m just glad that she’s making the effort trying to get to the bottom of the nightmare that is the ACA.

We haven’t even gotten to the point of me feeling that I should get paid for the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I have spent trying to apply the ACA to my life.  I feel, at this point, the government *owes* me a few years of health care – but I’d settle for not receiving health care if I could only get the government out of my health care altogether.

It’s at the point where I fear for my life, and for the life of my family, thanks to the ACA.  I literally feel that I am in mortal danger, thanks to the ACA.  My family may soon lose their father thanks to the ACA – and, if the federal government has anything to say about it, my daughter will be sent to foster care and my wife kicked out of the country.  That’s what the ACA means to me – and why the ACA was the final straw for me – why I feel that the federal government needs to be shut down, permanently, and replaced – we need to kick them all out and start again, because the crap, and the crappy people, that passes for federal governance at this point, is beyond forgiveness.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think this is a Republicrat or Democran issue – it’s not about the evil of socialism or the evil of capitalism – or is it.  Actually – i take that back, it is about the evil of capitalism, the disgusting situation we have with obtuse and overly complicated regulation of for-profit health care.  Personally I think that for-profit essential health care is morally bankrupt.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…..  if I’m going to tell this story it’ll take a while.  It’s already taken months – months of fighting the federal government for the freedom to manage my health care, fighting the federal government of the united states for my individual sovereignty over my body and my health care decisions.  Just thinking about this makes me want to bitch slap every motherfucker involved with the ACA – a sort of visceral “thank you” for the pain they’ve caused in my life.

In future posts, as this unfolds, I’ll recount the story of watching the government figure out the law.  Watching the government contradict and confuse itself.  Watching the idiocy of CoverOregon.  Watching the complete and fundamental attack on individuality that is the modern american government.  I don’t know what has happened to this country – but it is really a shadow of what I was raised to believe it was.  It is not a land of freedom, it is not a land of bravery – americans are largely cowards who expect the state to babysit their lives – I know this because I’ve been gone for a decade, I’ve lived with freedom, and then I came back – came back to this strange place, these fat slugs of people who are, quite literally, fighting for a tax to support obesity – seriously, if we simply taxed people by weight we could solve this health care crisis.  We spend more on obesity related health issues than *all other issues combined* – the health care we are funding with this ill-considered ACA, is nothing more than a tax to make it affordable to be fat.

And at the end of the day – I still am struggling, week by week and day by day, to get some basic answers to how this thing impacts my life.  And the goal of this post is only to document that I’ve lost around another hour coping with this law – bringing the total to close to 500 hours since October.

Thank you barak – fucking thank you, you deceitful, dishonest fuck – you lied to me and now I think you should get the hell out of the whitehouse.  You didn’t lie about the cum-stain on some little lady’s dress, your lies, like the lies of cheneybush, were life threatening.  Now you are on my shit-list of shitty presidents – you’re right up there with cheneybush as a pathetic social mistake and a deep embarassement to america.

And once upon a time I was proud you were there – i was proud you were not white, i was proud that you were from chicago, i was proud of the enthusiasm you engendered.  For the first time since cheneybush I had hope and faith in america – but now,  thanks to you, I no longer believe the united states works.  Go fuck yourself barry, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

I’ve got insurance, I still have insurance, I now also have medicaid, and it is illegal for me to see the doctor i wanted to see.  It’s $20 for the service, pre-insurance, in my health care home – here it is a minimum of $250 cash plus the retainer for the lawyer that has to negotiate with medicaid so I can gain access to the doctors.  That’s a lot of crap for $20 worth of medical advice – and it’s all due to you screwing up the health care worse than it was before – and it sucked before.

But I see I’m just ranting…. maybe tomorrow I’ll start filling in the details of the 500 hours I’ve spent trying to cope with the ACA, and why it is now a mortal threat for me to see a doctor in the united states, and why the ACA is probably going to destroy my family and leave my child without a mother and father.  Thanks barry – thanks a fucking lot.








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