Only a few hours into the day and I hear people bitching about ACA

It’s a few hours into the day – twelve thirty – and i’m sitting down to work.  I work on the computer, i don’t have an office, i go out and about and sit in public places, letting the white noise of the surround help me stay focused on the code at hand.  Today I’m evaluating the decision I made to go with python3 instead of python2 – just two months ago I had a working code base in python2, thought I would try to support Guido’s move forward, but, well… maybe that is costing me more than it should… but that’s just normal work bullshit.

What I laugh about, and why I’m writing here, is listening to a pair of folks talking – one is talking about ditching his current job and going back to doing freelance web design.  The other is listening, doing some other jobs, and suggesting this, that, and the other thing.

Then the CoverOregon web site comes up – I don’t say a thing, just listening – the conversation references the CoverOregon website as a $1200 value for what, $90 million?  $30 million?  millions they say – a man walks by and offers into the conversation that it is just unbelievable that they could do so little for so much.  He shakes his head and mumbles off saying “I just don’t get it, I just don’t get it”

And it is true – our government is spending millions of dollars to build expensive buildings for it’s employees, appoints the buildings lavishly, throws millions of dollars around like it is nothing – and we on the street scrabble for the same level of work and get paid pennies.  The people behind CoverOregon were just an orgy of talkers, suits talking about important things (so they probably thought), using whiteboards and having everyone defend their incompetence behind technobabble and presentations.  I’m sure they felt very important about themselves while they spent *all that money*.  But that’s the typical complaint about ‘big money software’ – you get a tenth of the product at ten times the cost and it’s all very important, with people covering their asses each step of the way and the bulk of the money on paper ceremony – exactly like the health care industry!  The patient always gets lost in the paperwork while the assholes with expensive suits always get paid.

CoverOregon – the most expensive $1200 web site.

Thanks ACA, thank you Obama – fuck you – and fuck you John Kitzhaber, fuck you too – you ever talked to your office about the ACA, they don’t know jack shit and they understand less.  When I contacted the Kitzhaber office in late 2013 asking if there were any plans for following Vermont’s lead and looking into a single payer system in 2017, the answer I got back was, to quote “Just a moment please……” <pause while they find answer> “….sir, we support Obamacare”

What a pile of idiot shits in the Kitzhaber administration – what a bunch of fucking idiots.



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