Wonderful day – almost noon and no ACA hell, yet, this morning

It’s 11:26 and I am at starbucks – the same starbucks where the asshole from the capitol police called me up to give me a hard time and threaten to take away my family unless I started to treat those motherfuckers in washington with some respect – but I’m sorry, i just can’t treat them with respect – they lost that respect when they lied to me about my health insurance.  Until I get a personal fucking face to face apology that says “I apologize for lying to you – please understand that I try not to lie, but sometimes I just can not tell the truth – never believe what I say and always assume there is hidden small print or that i’ve got my fingers crossed behind my back” – when the supporters and architects of the ACA can stand in front of me and admit to their deception, then, and only then, will I have the space to think of them as anything other than useless motherfucking piles of human shit – until that happens the president or my congress folk should not consider themselves free to look me directly in my eyes – they may stand before me with their eyes and head downcast, until they admit directly and without circuity, to their acts of evil deception.

But let’s talk about something else – let’s talk about this idea, which I heard the other day, from the lady in health and human services, that “If you’re on medicaid then you’re compliant” – that is another damn lie.  My wife is on medicaid, and it is not compliant – therefore, the question is, do we still pay the tax penalty even though we are on medicaid?  The answer depends on who you ask and how you ask the question – there is no certainty about this.  The only thing that is certain is that no one in the federal government understands this law.  We are expected to follow it, but no one, not even the architects of the law can explain the implications.  This is absurd – I just want the damn freedom to see a doctor, but instead I have to pay enormous sums of money to fund pointless confusion.  Seriously – what is the point of funding all this effort just to generate confusion?  If the ACA were accomplishing something, that would be one thing – but for me it accomplishes nothing, creates obstacles, and raises costs.  We need health care reform, now more than ever.

It amazes me that I still have to explain how medicaid works to the staff of health and human services – if there is anyone in the world who should understand medicaid, you would think it would be HHS – but you would be wrong.  There is at least one non-compliant medicaid program – i think it is the only one, and that is the one my wife is assigned to.  A director level staff member at the Oregon Health Authority, on a phone call, with my wife’s information in front of her, said, very clearly and unambiguously that the program was not ACA-compliant.  My wife has to pay the taxes, has to pay the penalty, and has medicaid.  The health and human services staff aren’t aware that they have a non-compliant program, and then you say “what about….” and they say “oh yeah, that one, that is not compliant” – and when you point out that they just said that all medicaid programs were compliant, they point out that arguing about their idiocy and deception gets you nowhere.

If you think I’ve got it wrong, then look it up – the state of oregon provides legal permanent residents to have a catastrophic-and-emergency-only medicaid plan that is not ACA compliant.  This plan is almost identical to what I provided for my family.  I used to pay $30/mo for exactly this catastrophic only united states coverage for my wife – I paid an additional $110/mo for her primary insurance, which is based in an overseas company and covers us in both of our domiciles.  So, for $140/mo my wife has primary insurance and additional coverage specifically to address the obscenely high costs of u.s. health care.  I would refuse to use my primary insurance in the united states – i purchased specific augmentation coverage.  however, in so doing i made my wife “non-compliant” – so I fought with CoverOregon for 9 months and wound up with, state funded non-compliant catastrophic only insurance.

I saved $30/mo and it cost me hundreds of hours.  I got nothing different than what I had, but I did almost have a stroke trying to cope with the severe and substantial incompetence and idiocy of health and human services and CoverOregon.  I mean, god damn it you motherfuckers in washington – if you had have just fucking left me alone i would have been exactly in the same place.  The only thing you meddling fuckups in washington, and I mean you senator Merkley, and i mean you president fucknut, accomplished was wasting a bunch of my time, resources, and livelihood walking in a circle because you incompetent lawmakers are too stupid to even hit the fucking hit the floor with a turd.  Make it simple – one page – here is a list of shit you have to cover for your family, here is the form where you claim that you have done this, if you don’t do this you have to pay a penalty.  Done – it’s *that* fucking simple – but no, you overeducated pretentious jackasses couldn’t do that could you.  Fuck you washington, just fucking fuck you.  See this finger – sit and fucking spin you fuckers.

Bottom line – do not trust anyone in HHS or the federal government – they just lie and they do not understand their own laws.  They are, very specifically, a domestic threat and enemy to the people.





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