The ACA has made us terrified of the dentist – for paperwork reasons

Last night my neighbor’s daughter fell down and chipped her tooth.  She went to the dentist and had some work done to fix it – she’s just entering the 6th grade.  My daughter learned this when she asked her over to watch a movie – with mom at work, Friday night, dad and daughter bought a bag of chips, a jar of salsa, and rented a movie – and my daughter sent a text to invite the neighbor over – that’s when my daughter learned about the broken tooth.

My daughter turns to me and says “Dad? Can we see dentists here in America?” and I said, “well, yes, maybe, i think” – but at that my heart sank.  It was a similar question just last week that almost got me sent to prison, had the federal police calling to threaten to destroy my family and deport my wife, and sent me into a week long tailspin of ACA-hell – a sort of psychosis where I spend 30 hours a day for a few days trying to fight my way through the nightmare of american health care bureaucracy.  When the police come into my neighborhood, we always assume they are here due to the problems from the affordable care act – so my daughter asking “can we see a dentist” was a terrifying experience.

She’s had a chip in her right front upper tooth for many years – it is a small chip, and I think it’s not really a problem.  We were at our family dentist just a few months ago and I asked my daughter if she wanted the dentist to look at her tooth at that time, but since she already had had one cavity filled she felt that the chip was too much.  The dentist, our family dentist of nearly a decade, winked at me and indicated that there was no real problem with the tooth – it’s just a teenage fashion concern.  We do not have dental insurance, because our family dentist – who is not in the united states – costs about 1/3rd of the u.s. cost without insurance.  She is a professor in the medical school in a town of about a million people, and we feel that the care we receive at that practice is exceptional.

We have tried to get clarity on the state of ‘dental insurance’ under this ACA nightmare – but it is extremely confusing.  It is one of the 10 essential health benefits, child dental insurance – however, it is an optional requirement.  I have asked maybe 30 or 40 people in various state and federal health care agencies and they can not explain that concept to me.  Is it a requirement?  Yes – is there a penalty if I do not meet this requirement? No.  Is child dental optional?  yes.  In what way is it a requirement – it is one of the 10 essential health benefits…  and we start again.  The only thing the united states government is good at, when it comes to health care, is sewing confusion.  What is the status of the child dental health insurance requirement?  It is a mandatory option I believe – from what I can tell, the best way to describe it is that we must have the option to obtain it.  This contrasts, however, with say, maternity care – which we are required to have despite the fact that my wife has no uterus.  So maternity care is a required-requirement, and child dental is an optional-requirement.  Argh – i am not smart enough to understand the brilliant simplicity of this ACA.  I should not have stopped my education at a masters degree – maybe, with a few PhD’s and a team of lawyers, I might be able to understand the elegant, brilliant simplicity of the ACA.

But I am not that smart – so i just think it is stupid, failed logic, and I think that people like Merkley and Obama are motherfucking deceitful assholes that need to be kicked the fuck out of washington for having shit on my ability to see a doctor in this way.  I apologize deeply to my government for not being bright enough to understand their health care brilliance, and I apologize on behalf of the hundreds of people I’ve worked with who also can not understand this law.  In fact, I am still seeking to find someone in the federal government who understands this law – one thing I learned was that Merkley doesn’t understand jack shit about this law – in fact, I had people both on his staff and on the capitol police argue that it was unreasonable of me to expect that my legislators understand the laws they work on.

In fact, I wrote exactly that in an email to the capitol police (who got called because of my frustration with those useless shitpiles in congress, and my willingness to express the deep satisfaction that I would have sending them to the hospital so they could experience the health care system first hand – recognizing, that i could not threaten, but that I could only describe the satisfaction and justice that I would feel would come from driving a baseball bat against the nose plate of the legislators that supported the ACA)

So I asked the capitol police this question: Please confirm that you believe that it is the responsibility of the citizenship to obey the laws even though they are so complicated that they are beyond of the capacity of the legislators to understand?  They did not respond – but of course they won’t – because they are FLETC trained police – they are fucking ignorant cowards and thugs – they exist only to hold a gun against the forehead of the citizenry and keep us in line – to keep us accepting shit like the ACA.  When we stand up against them, it is their job to cut down the citizenry – to maintain the stranglehold of the government upon our lives.  But that just makes me want to say “Fuck you federal fucking law enforcement – fuck you” – you too, as far as I am concerned, are a domestic enemy of the people.  I will listen to my neighborhood beat cop first, and you second you motherfucking federal jackass from the fucking other side of the continent.  You tell me that it is unreasonable for me to expect my legislators to understand the laws they pass, and when you say shit like that you become a useless pile of shit.  So fuck you capitol police – fucking fuck you.  I will not support a society that uses your guns to enforce the requirement that I hire an attorney to negotiate my access to health care – and *that* is what the ACA means to me.

So what are we to do – it’s only been a week since the last run-in with the ACA gestapo.  My daughter asked “can I have someone look at my tooth” and I said “let’s wait until next year when we see our dentist” – and then she asked “can we see a dentist here in america” – and honestly, I do not know.  On our family’s complex/split medical plan, with my wife on non-compliant policy without dental, and with daughter and i on another medicaid plan it is not clear.  It is illegal (thanks to OAR 410-120-1280) for us to take matters into our own hands.  We are cut off from using our primary insurance, and I am blocked from spending money.  The police will come and take me away if I try to talk to a dentist.

I estimate 20-40 hours of paperwork and negotiations, over a month or so, to find out if we can see a doctor – and that is what the ACA means to me.  Thank you Obama – fucking thank you.  If you hadn’t have been such a deceitful lying prick, such a dishonest jackass, and if you hadn’t had the support of ignorant asses like Merkley – well, we might still be able to see a damn doctor without involving fucking lawyers and law enforcement.  You really let me down washington, and the only thing you’ve left me with is a desire to tell each and every one of your fuckers in washington to got stick your head in a bucket of horse piss – you motherfucking useless shits.

Fuck you Merkley, Fuck you Obama – Fuck you washington.  Thanks for the fucking ACA – now get the hell out of dodge, you miserable jackasses.


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