Happy Mother’s Day – 22 pages of ACA bullshit arrived in the mail

Well, here it is 22 pages of ACA bullshit arrived in the mail today.  I’ll go through it later – but at first scan, apparently my wife applied for health care several times on the same day in April, and just finally received pile of documents.  There are over 20 state statutes listed on the documentation.  WTF.

What is idiotic about this, however, is that she has been assigned Non-Compliant Medicaid – this is catastrophic only medicaid that is almost exactly the same as the policy we had before.  Only this time, it took 7 months to get it straightened out, it is confusing as hell, there is a huge bureaucracy in play, and it saves us $30/mo except that she also has the pay the tax penalty.

What is the point?  It’s a god damn non-compliant medicaid policy – because there is exactly one of those.  It has been assigned to my wife.  I have a huge bureaucracy and network of vendors.  It is now illegal for her to pay a doctor for services without extensive and expensive legal manipulations.  We did *not* have this problem when we had our identical insurance.

Fuck you ACA – fucking thank you on this Mother’s Day – you managed to take yet another shit on my life, and it isn’t even a business day.  I fucking want to wad up the ACA and shove it up the ass of every fucking legislator that pissed on my health care by supporting the ACA – Fuck you Obama – just fuck you.


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