Residual frustration today about the ACA – thanks to the Capitol Police (bastards!)

I’m trying to work out the details of SSL for a cloud app, and whether or not we can assume SNI is required (i think we can), before we shell out the thousand bucks for a wildcard cert.  I’m trying to select a vendor – i had a bad experience with geotrust, and will probably go with Digicert.  I’m configuring a test web site on cloud front using a self signed certificate….

During all this my head keeps coming back to the USCP – these are the fuckers that called me up and threatened to destroy my family if I didn’t bow down and kiss the ass of the fuckers that jammed the ACA up my family’s collective ass.  About every ten minutes I find myself frustrated and wanting to bitch slap some fucker at the USCP for taking up my time – they should be out arresting those washington motherfuckers that attacked us with the ACA.

Again – i must stress – i do believe that health care in the united states is in bad shape.  And I don’t really think the Teabaggers or the Republicrats have much of value to say…. socialism my ass…. i’d fucking be prouder to be a socialist than a fucking capitalist bastard, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that the united states is so damn cocky, so fucking cocky we run around all over the world killing people (Yemen a few weeks ago?) – hell, we kill our own (just look at Oklahoma a few weeks ago) – yet we have the most expensive, least accessible, and all around pretty shitty healthcare.  I say this because I’ve had awesome, affordable, high quality health care – patient driven health care, augmented by insurance (in case something bad happens, not just for maintenance) for a decade.  Then I came back to the united states and going to a doctor is some trip through hell.

Fuck you doctors – if you wear a white coat in the united states you should fucking slap yourself.  Fuck you doctors – you are in a position to change this, but you are a greedy, money-grubbing pile of insurance whores.  Whitecoats in the united states offend the very character of health care – Whitecoats are insurance whores, they are not physicians, they are not doctors – there is almost no medicine in the united states, just expensive, over-regulated, carcass mechanics.  Fuck you Dr. Doc!

So I sit here – trying to get answers from the USCP – they want to talk to me, they want to tell me to obey this fucking law, they can fucking explain it to me.  I want them to come out and tell me that it is not their place to understand the law – or I want them to be able to answer questions about it.  They are willing to bring a gun against my forehead, to threaten to destroy my family, and they are willing to do this while avoiding any understanding of the law.  That is absurd.  Shame on you USCP.  Fuck you USCP – fuck off, you fucking fucks. If you were not cowardly little FLETC asswipes you would work for a livable america, not a fucking police state where you enforce policies that require us to have a damn attorney just to see a fucking doctor.

The FLETC shitstain who called me to whine and bitch about my bitching at that little Merkley pussy – complaining about some email I wrote during a 16 hour episode of blood pressure at 174 (that was the day I learned about OAR 410-120-1280 – making it illegal for me to fucking pay a doctor for health care!) – sure, it was mildly out of bounds, but it was non threatening and it did capture my constitutional rights to free fucking expression.  I am not going to speak ‘appropriately’ or ‘nicely’ to fuckers who lied to me about the health care law, then wind up supporting that 1000+ page of legislative puke.  Had washington not flat out lied, I might cut them some slack – but enough is enough – you lied, now get the fuck out, shut up shop, give power back to the states, and let us decide to reform the union.  Fuck you washington – and fuck you USCP.

So, that FLETC shitstain tried to convince me that it was unreasonable to expect a senator to understand the laws they pass, it was unreasonable to expect the president to understand the laws, but it was reasonable for us to be bound by them as citizens – it is reasonable (and he’s willing to kill me to defend this) for me to accept that I am governed by laws that neither the citizens, nor law enforcement, nor legislators can understand.  So I asked USCP to confirm this.  They so far have been silent.

The little USCP/FLETC pussy told me that i should talk nicely.  So I wrote a very nice letter to them asking my question.  It was very nice. I think the worst word I used was ‘thug’ and that was the only derogatory word.  I didn’t get an answer – so I called, and again, spoke nicely and politely.  I didn’t get an answer.  Now, the point I was making to that little FLETC dipshit was that talking nicely doesn’t get you anywhere – it just sends you down a fucking rabbit hole of incompetence.  That’s why this shit has taken… let’s see… Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr…. that’s 7 months – over half a year, and we haven’t gotten anywhere.

Literally – the only thing we’ve done is nearly given me a stroke, made me hate going to the doctor – in fact, going to the doctor in the united states is the #1 fear I have – i fear for my life – i fear that I’m going to have a stroke.  It rarely involves less than 20 hours of negotiations, and nowadays involves the police.  Thank you for your fucking obamacare.  fucking thank you.  I feel so health now I could shit blood.  Fuck you ACA – fuck you democrats, fuck you republicans, fuck you teabaggers.

I won’t say I want my country back – no, i don’t give a rat’s ass about that (anymore) – but I do demand my freedom.  I hold certain truths to be self evident, and among these is the belief that I have an unalienable right to life and liberty.  Now, I believe this means that I have and inalienable right to manage my fucking body the way I see fit – in so far as that does not trespass upon the rights of others.  The proper role of government is to ensure that my right to see a doctor does not interfere with other’s rights to see a doctor – it is *not* their role to decide that it is illegal for a doctor to accept money from me in exchange for services.  I do not want the fucking government’s fucking protections – the government is fucking protecting me to death, and i want them to fucking get the fuck out of my fucking life.

Hell – I agree with the shared responsibility payment, and I even proposed to several of those washington jackasses that we calculate the penalty as “penalty – cost of insurance” for those for whom the burden of proving that they are insured is too much of a bitch.  That’s my case – I mean, I FUCKING HAVE INSURANCE, but there are other complexities in my life that make it impossible for me to convince the government of that.  So, to be fucking compliant, to be MEC-compliant according to James Mayhew’s list in CCIIO in the CMS of the HHS (look it up – Market Rules Division, CCIIO/CMS/HHS – this is who decides what policies are MEC-compliant (the IRS definition) means!) – to be MEC-fucking-compliant, we got shoved onto Medicaid against our wishes.

I’m now counted as a fucking success story – and that pisses the fuck out of me.  I’ve never been so far from health care as I am today – the health care system in the united states was seriously fucked up, and now it is fucked up squared.  Fuck you barry, fuck you jeffy boy, fuck you washington, fuck you USCP – it is time for you to fucking recognize my fucking individual sovereignty over my body – my body, my health care, you get the fuck out of that dynamic and stop fucking protecting me to death.

Happy fucking mother’s day you USCP washington fucks.





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