Good morning, beautiful day – all’s well, except for the ACA

We’ve recently swapped our bedroom with our daughter’s – being a teenager she spends an inordinate amount of time in her room – it’s her refuge, and we generally respect the closed door.  Our new bedroom is smaller – just enough room for our mattress on the floor, a nightstand and fan, and our clothes in the closet.  We’re going to bring in the overpriced ikea bookshelf and are considering something to replace the cardboard shoeboxes we use to organize our underwear and socks.  I’m sure this sounds like poverty to you, but for us it is just about the right amount of crap to own – we prefer simplicity, vast simplicity, a simplicity that is poorly understood by americans, who have crafted a society around the acquisition of crap.

While we enjoy the smallness of our new master bedroom, what we love the most is the change in the morning sun.  We wake around 9:00 in the morning and as spring fades into summer we know it is time to wake when the sun illuminates the maple outside our window. It is a spectacle, the light green of the leaves reflecting the full force of the sun into our morning window.  It would be idyllic except for the sounds of traffic from the nearby highway, as americans move their cars downtown for the day’s work.  Americans and their cars – we’ve already lost one of our pets to that highway – and cars kill ten times the number killed in the world trade center every year.  Why we can’t bomb the auto industry with the fervor we took killing muslims I don’t understand.

But this blog is about health care – and the reason i am writing this morning, is because I am dreading two things – I haven’t even risen from bed, and already I am pissed off at the ACA.  There are 22 pages of crap I have to read this morning, dozens of state statutes, federal statutes.  I have to see what mess medicaid has made of my wife’s health care.  When the government helped us by replacing our existing non-compliant insurance with their own non-compliant insurance, it resulted in a barrage of envelopes from multiple agencies as well as an onslaught of junk-mail advertising.  Medicaid – non-compliant with the ACA and a gateway to junk mail, what a fucking joke – and why they couldn’t let us maintain our previous insurance, which was identical, I don’t know – part of the government’s attack on the citizens and their need to help folks to death.

Anyhow – i always just open up the envelopes and pool all the health care paperwork together.  Just opening the envelopes makes my blood boil enough that I need to pace the effort of coping with government health care.  So downstairs, waiting on my desk, is a pile of health care crap, serving no purpose to me save “helping the government assault my life” – if I go downstairs I will see it, it will haunt me until I read page for page about the exciting new benefits in my wife’s new non-compliant health care wonderland – the one that is identical to the health care we had before, that we liked, but that we were not allowed to keep thanks to the ACA.

Thanks to the ACA I am dreading going downstairs – I dread checking my mail, I dread waking up in the morning.  Only my need to make progress on my job compels me downstairs, where I will stare at that pile of incoherent government bullshit and struggle to keep my hatred of the ACA from overcoming my day.  Perhaps I will read through the pages today – but I really don’t want to.  This is just about coping with the change that some asshole in washington decided I needed to make in order to keep everyone pigeonholed into slots that their tiny little legislative minds can comprehend.  I would not have to do this if the fucking federal fucking united fucking states fucking government had just left well enough alone – or at least given me the freedom to manage my health care as I saw fit.

Haven’t yet gotten out of bed and already I have flipped a bird at those fuckers in washington.  Good fucking morning america – and fuck you barak and fuck you merkley – fuck you all in washington, you are a disgrace.



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