Is there anyone in the government who understands the damn ACA?

One of the most frustrating things that I’ve encountered in trying to come to terms with the ACA, is that no one in the government – and I mean in HHS or in the IRS (and including my senators and representatives, and the relevant state agencies, etc. etc.) appears to understand the damn thing.  For all the millions of dollars the feds are willing to spend defending and implementing this – you would think that they would be able to understand it – but you would be wrong.

What is more infuriating is that everyone out there that I’ve spoken with – and I mean every single one of those federal fuckers – thinks they understand it, and wastes my time while I walk them through the damn law, explain it to them, and get them to understand where their naive understanding in incorrect.  This takes time on my part, and it is the same effort repeated over and over.  I’ve got around 100 transcripts from, I’ve got dozens of walk-throughs with useless people from my senator’s office, from federal law enforcement, from HHS, from the IRS, from the state agencies, and on and on and on.  They all have it wrong – even sites like “obamacarefacts” don’t get it right – they get it sorta right, within a limited sense.  They get it right if my situation were different – which is the frustrating thing.

It doesn’t count if you say “well, your situation were like this, then this would be the answer” – because I’m not going to change my lifestyle to accommodate the ACA.  That’s like telling a black man that there is no discrimination – because, if he was white then there wouldn’t be any.  This is the attitude of the federal government when it comes to the ACA – if you had a different health insurance company, and if you lived in a different tax location, and if you had have married someone else, and if, and if, and if…. then, here is your answer is of no interest to me.  I want answers to my fucking questions, about my fucking life, and I want the fuckers who forced this fucking law on me to provide those fucking answers.

Another game that those droll idiots in the federal fucking government play, is saying that we should know, *in a few years* if the choices I made today based on my understanding of the law today, will match the interpretation of the law when we get around to considering it.  I’m serious – one of the most common story I get is “we’ll be able to determine if your 2014 health insurance is compliant in 2015” – thanks a fucking lot.

Another thing I get from those fuckups in washington is the concept that I should accept a half-assed, poorly written, incomprehensible pile of shit legislation because it clearly states the case for many, but not all, other people.  Fuck you.  I am a citizen like every other citizen – I am not a second class citizen – and just because I want to have some way to document my existing insurance for the united states fucking federal fucking government and just because they have no vehicle by which I can do that, well…. that is *NOT* my problem – the federal fucking government, that dumb fucker in the whitehouse, that deceitful lying pile of shit Barak Obama – he shoves this fucking ACA up my ass and has called out the guns to make sure I accept his abuse – and I think that makes him responsible for providing someone in the god damn government who understands this fucking piece of legislation and how to apply it to my life – I am tired of bearing the burden of bullshit legislation.  When am I going to get fucking paid to waste my time cleaning up the messes of an executive and a legislature who insist on protecting me to death and against my will and wishes!  I’m not – the federal fucking government is being nothing more than abusive, and I’m fucking sick of it.

So here’s just one of the questions we’ve been trying to get answered for 7 months.  How does one calculate the health care tax liability and insurance requirements for multi-nationality families for whom members are alternately present an absent from the country?  This is frought with all sorts of problems – and almost all of them due to the draconian idiocy of federal fucking law.  I am dual-domiciled, whether the fucking government acknowledges that or not – period.  At any given time I am physically based in one place or another, that’s a matter of physical law – but I reserve the right to travel freely between my home within the united states and my home overseas – subject only to the permission of the foreign government to allow me to do so.  Likewise, the federal fucking united fucking states government has the final say as to whether or not my family is allowed to stay united in the united states – my wife is a legal permanent resident, something I had to battle those fuckers for extensively – but at the end of the day, it is the cowards at USCIS and the little piles of shit at Homeland Security who determine whether or not my wife is allowed to stay with us.  Some fucking pencil pushers and a bunch of cowardly citizens decide whether or not I have the right to maintain a unified family – that pisses me off, but that I am willing to accept until we can overcome this idiotic nationalism that infects the world.

So – what does that mean for the ACA?  I have a requirement to be insured for 9 out of 12 months *if* I am in the united states for 365 days of the year.  I do not have that requirement if I am out of the country for 330 or more days in a calendar year.  It is *NOT CLEAR* and i have not been able to get a reliable, consistent answer from the government as to what happens when I am, say out of the country for 6 months of the year.  Or what about the impact of the requirement when my insurance is a family policy and we have independent travel schedules?  What happens if my mother in law dies or goes to the hospital and I have to go overseas for the remainder of the year?  What happens if she lives and I am overseas for less time.  What if I am overseas for 5 months, in the u.s. for 7 months, and my wife is overseas for 6 months and in the united states for 6 months and my daughter is overseas for 4 months and in the u.s. for 8 months?  What is the total calendar requirement for MEC-compliant insurance coverage in aggregate?

Keep in mind – we *have* a comprehensive family insurance policy with an overseas insurer, this is constant.  So we are insured by that plan for 12 months of the year – but that plan is not on James Mayhew’s CCIIO managed list of MEC-compliant insurance policies – because the insurer doesn’t give a rat’s ass about u.s. law and are not going to waste any time documenting or updating their policies.  This is something that the small minded motherfuckers in the fucking federal fucking government can’t understand.  I routinely have to fight to get them to believe that other countries even have health insurance, let alone that an american might benefit from having such an insurance policy – in their tiny little walnut brains, there is only the united states – that is all that matters.  Fucking xenophobic fucknuts in the fucking federal fucking government.  Fuck you washington – pull your heads out of your ass an learn about the rest of the fucking world – by and large people are the same no matter where they live, it’s just dipshits like Obama and Merkley that fuck up legislation by assuming that everyone can be easily pigeonholed into some sitcom suburban reality – fuck you both for that, and get out of my government – because you are both wrong, ignorant, and incompetent to govern.

So I’ve got this insurance plan, and it is not MEC-compliant because, well, no one bothered to register it.  And besides, the IRS has a time-in-country adjustment policy for the foreign earned income exclusion – the 2555 form clearly spells out how you adjust your tax calculations and liability in situations like mine.  In 7 months, no one – no senator, no representative, no HHS staff member, no governor, no, no IRS, no employee (and on and on and on) has been able to shed one bit of light on the situation.  The only kind of crap that falls out of their cake-holes, again and again, is “well, if you don’t live in the united states then it doesn’t apply” – well yes, I live here part time – and then they say “well, how much time will you live here next year?” – like I fucking know.

I can’t tell the future, the fucking federal fucking government requires that I be able to predict, under penalty of perjury, just what each future year of my life will entail.  Fuck them.  Fuck you federal fucking government.

I really fucking hate the ACA – it should be as simple as me documenting that I have a fucking satisfactory solution for health insurance for my family.  They should let me get the fuck off medicaid, and they should let me adjust my tax liability according to two factors – the time I spend in the country and the amount I spend on health insurance.  However, the federal fucking government is literally too stupid to entertain this concept, because they are still trying to figure out what fucking law they wound up passing.

Fuck you Obama – fuck you jeffy Merkley, fuck you HHS, fuck you IRS, fuck you capitol police and FLETC – fuck you all, fuck every fucking ACA supporter in fucking washington – you’re half the world away and so fucking out of touch with america your claim of a right to govern is severely suspect.

Fuck you, you incompetent washington jackasses.

Happy fucking mother’s day.


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