Taxpayer Advocate Center – Another Obamacare Fail

So – trying to get to the bottom of the means by which I can assess my tax liability and exposure due to the ACA, I was once again told by the IRS that the IRS is not answering anything but simple questions about the ACA components of the tax code.  Literally, I contacted the taxpayer advocacy center and the ass i spoke with suggested I hire a tax attorney and told me I was shit out of luck.  Like so many in the federal government, his attitude was that I should bend over and take this sort of obscene complexity as if it were warranted.  I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with people in the federal fucking government – but jesus, there is no reason why this should be so damn complicated.

I’m not going to hire a god damn tax attorney to negotiate my relationship with my fucking doctor.  Some little FLETC trained jackass from the USCP and now some prick from the Taxpayer Advocacy Center tried to tell me that it doesn’t matter how complex the laws are – that’s just the way it is and I should be fucking honored to have this kind of governmental shit between me and a doctor.  Fuck you USCP, fuck you TAS, fuck you IRS – you and that dumb fuck in the whitehouse have up and fucked me enough – i’m not in the business of sucking you off for your pleasure, you are in the business of servicing me and promoting an open and just society.  You have forgotten this.

Seriously – the taxpayer advocacy center has this attitude that I should just hire a damn tax attorney because the IRS is too damn lazy to answer questions about the tax laws they use to threaten citizens.  That fucker Obama is threatening my life, liberty, and definitely my pursuit of happiness – and doing so with armament – just to force me to throw away my existing health insurance, and the fucking government is fucking refusing to answer any fucking questions about the fucking laws that they are fucking making.

This is *NOT* an america that is anything like the land of the free and the home of the brave i learned about when I was a boy scout.

Fuck you Obama – fuck your fucking Obamacare.


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