Well – i only made it into the upright position, not even out of bed, and found more ACA lies

Since my last post, just moments ago, my wife walked in with a fresh cup of morning coffee and I donned my glasses.  On my browser window I have been reading ‘obamacarefacts.com’ – a kinda half-assed attempt to bolster the lies of obamacare and generate support.  On my screen, literally, were these words:

Does ObamaCare Require Me to Purchase Health Insurance?

By April 1st 2014 all non-exempt Americans will have to enroll in health insurance, get an exemption, or face a tax penalty. If you already have health insurance you can keep it. For many low to middle income Americans, insurance will become more affordable. However, those making above400% of the federal poverty line may find themselves paying more. Regardless of what you pay we all enjoy the new rights and protections offered by Obamacare. If you aren’t covered by March 15th, you could miss the April 1st deadline. Check out our ObamaCare sign-up guide for more information on ObamaCare deadlines.

Notice the “If you already have health insurance you can keep it” – yep, there are still people writing that crap.  I have health insurance, always have – and that’s why I’ve spent hundreds of hours fighting the ACA and trying to undo the damage.  But we know all about those lies, and I want to point out something else.  I want to point out the word ‘exemption’

The other day, the thick-headed staff member from the Center for Medicaid Services in the Department of Health and Human Services Seattle Office got confused when I used the term ‘exemption’.  Every time I used the term ‘exemption’ she got confused – apparently the HHS or maybe just the CMS/HHS uses the term exemption in a different way.  She literally had no idea what I was talking about when I kept referencing ‘exemption’.  I recall arguing with this woman that the term exemption should be understood by the HHS, since the URL for the ‘exemption forms’ to declare yourself as an ‘exempt individual’ in the sense of the above paragraph, was healthcare.gov/exemptions.

I read to the HHS staff member a section of the law which used the term exempt.  The best she could do was argue that, inside the HHS the term ‘exemption’ meant something totally different.  She did concede that she knew what I was talking about – but insisted that I was using confusing terms by referring to people who ‘didn’t need health care’ as exempt.  I had to argue with her that these were not people who ‘didn’t need health care’ but rather, people who were exempt from the tax penalty because they had health care outside of the marketplace.  She insisted that we agree to disagree.

Talk about infuriating – even higher up staff members internal to the department of health and human services have no idea how this concept of exemption works.  Worse yet, they believe that theirs is the only path to health care – they divide the world into those who need health care (and like the ACA) and those who don’t need health care (and have a problem with the ACA).  This is the kind of crap that has been piled into my life – small minded people with a limited understanding of their own laws and a dramatically exaggerated sense of their own importance.  Everyone needs health care – what we are arguing about is whether or not the HHS even understands their own terminology.  Exemptions, in the context of Obamacare, mean that you have a path to health care that does not fit within the bounds of the 1000+ pages of health care documentation.

Argh – i gotta take my blood pressure medication – i haven’t even finished my morning coffee and already I have had my hands balled in fists of frustrated rage for a half an hour.

Fuck you Obama, fuck you washington – fuck you ACA.



3 thoughts on “Well – i only made it into the upright position, not even out of bed, and found more ACA lies

  1. I SO feel your pain. I am a small business person trying to navigate this bullshit, and trying to minimize the impact on my business. I hate that anyone was ever born that could conceive of such unbridled bullshit as the ACA. I hate all of these communist bastards. March On !

    • It is not clear that we share the same views, but I am honor bound, as an american, to approve your response and engage in discourse. What makes you think there are any communists in the u.s.? My problem with the ACA is that it is a 1000+ pile of legal bullshit between me and my doctor, it has frozen in the for-profit insurance-driven health care. I prefer something different. Any law of consequence should be a sentence or two long – not 1000+ pages.

      We live on a small blue ball in the middle of a void – we better fucking learn to take care of ourselves, our brother’s and sisters, and our environment – and I do not for the fucking life of me see the attraction of capitalism. I’ve spent the last decade living with subsistence farmers – the same people who kicked the united state’s military’s ass last time we got all up in their shit. Americans have become fat fucking cowardly pussies – now, I’m not talking about the soldiers out there, there are definitely some significant bad ass americans – but as a matter of course, take fifty random guys from my jungle home and they could kick the ass of fifty random american dudes in about ten seconds.

      I too believe that it is offensive that my government – my relationship with my physician, is governed by federal law – it should, at the most be state law, and probably not even that – it should be county level law. I do not give a rat’s ass about communism – i’ve lived in kingdoms and i’ve lived in communist states – but in all of those I’ve lived with people who accept and mandate a higher level of personal freedom than we allow ourselves in the united states. Freedom in the united states is a fucking lie – just try to sit in the back of a pickup truck and take a ride down lakeshore drive. Smoke a home grown joint on the national lawn. Fuck a guy and tell the government that he’s your husband – you know – it’s your life.

      I may not agree with your politics, but I will defend your right to have your beliefs.

      BTW – we’ve actually scheduled our next dr. visit overseas – even at $600 of airfare, it’s cheaper than a non-government authorized consultation here. It’ll be $20 at home – $600 in airfare, but still cheaper than going to see a fucking doctor using medicaid.

      • We don’t share the same political views. As such I know I’ll never convince you to what you cannot see and Lord knows you won’t convince me :-). Cheers.

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