Well – it’s 11:50 and the morning has been spent entirely on the ACA

Following the total uselessness of the OHA in resolving questions about the first of the 22 pages of crap they mailed to us I decided to see if I could locate someone in the IRS who can answer questions about how to calculate the tax liability of a multi-nationality family with three independent profiles of time in and out of country.  This is because the state of oregon officially considers one of my family members a “2nd class immigrant” – you don’t get 1st class status until you’ve been here 5 years.  Again – this is not about legal or illegal, this is about the state’s requirements for residency after establishing validity via LPR and IR-visa status (and a SSN, and filing taxes, etc.)

The state of Oregon just doesn’t know much about the ACA at all.

So I contacted the IRS – left two messages.  We’ll see what happens.  There doesn’t appear to be much understanding of the ACA in the IRS either.  But finally, my phone battery died so there is no choice but to stop working on the ACA.  In both cases, with the IRS, i left contact information – one was with the HCTC center, the other with the Taxpayer Advocate.  I’m looking for help understanding how to apply the calculation of MEC-compliance requirements and tax liability for a mixed-nationality family resident in-country between 6 and 12 months of each year, with a different in-country profile for each family member factoring in every family member’s different medicaid profile (three different profiles) as well as our private health insurance in our health care home.  Simple right?  As simple as “if you have health insurance you can keep it”

Thanks a lot you motherfucking washington fucks – thank you for shitting on yet another morning.  I so loathe you miserable washington federal shitpiles.  Fuck you all.


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