Phone call from the IRS – HCTC in the afternoon – they can’t help, as expected

Tuesday May 13th was not ACA free.

I did get a phone call at 2:00 from the IRS – the HCTC – the health care tax credit center.  I’m trying to track down someone, anyone, in the IRS who understands the ACA.  I’m doing this because (a) HHS does not understand the law, and (b) my congress folk do not understand the law, (c) i have not been able to locate a state or other federal resource who understands the law, (d) the IRS told me “we don’t talk to citizens” when I went, in person, to the Taxpayer Assistance Center in the IRS office in portland.  Talk about a mislabeled and useless office – why even bother.

The HCTC call was just to politely let me know that yet another IRS branch, this one associated with the ACA directly, was unable and unwilling to assist.  They confirmed that there was no one in the IRS who knew the ‘citizen-level details’ of the ACA.  According to the IRS, the ACA tax credit is worked out between institutions and behind the scenes – the details of are not something that citizens are supposed to have direct access to – you’re supposed to, check this out “trust your government” to do the right thing.  Well, I did trust my government – the fuckers lied to me.  I have insurance, I want to keep it, but I’ve now spent 7 months fighting to try to understand how to apply this law to my life, which I have had to do because the government has demonstrated that it can not be trusted.

So, the HCTC officer was polite – especially since she just called to return my inquiry – but, as expected, the only thing she could suggest that I do is call the main IRS contact number and start again to see if I can find anyone.  It feels, very much, like an act of polite bureaucratic terrorism – like the government passed an incomprehensible health care law and now is actively avoiding answering questions about it.  My offer to pay “tax penalty minus insurance costs” went no where, my question “so, how much will I owe” has been met, very specifically, with “we’ll figure that out later when we figure out the law”

This is unacceptable.  Let’s see how the ACA shits on my life today.



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