Argh – still frustrated, can’t sleep, dreading the ACA-week

So my daughter began taking antibiotics, prescribed by the primary care physician that we were forced to see because (to quote the Public Benefits Attorney I spoke with about the matter of OAR 410-120=1280) “she has more resources available than you know about”.  Turns out she didn’t, we only got about 30% of our questions answered, and we agreed to start a therapy that was on the state-allowed list of therapies.  Her menses was late a week and she hasn’t been able to eat well for several days due to some sort of constant stomach pain – now, this is only the 2nd time in a 18 months that my daughter has seen a u.s. doctor – once for a court mandated physical that cost me $150 (state wouldn’t accept the physicals we got for our visas which we got at a hospital 3 months before), and once because of the inability to see a doctor in the united states, now that we are on “Obamacare” (Fuck you obama – just fuck you)

In July we’re going back to our health care home, and we will spend the $20 to just walk into our local hospital, walk up to reception, show our id card (not our insurance card), and then walk over to see a dermatologist.  We will not involve insurance at all, and it will cost about $20.

Thanks to the Obamacare fist up my ass, here in the united states, with our shitty health care system, it took 2 days of negotiating with lawyers, administrators, legislators, and dozens of others including the USCP,  just trying to find a pathway by which one can pay a doctor for services, once they have been assigned, against their wishes, to Medicaid.  And that pathway involves a ream of forms and the establishment of a minimum of a few hundred dollars of retainer fees to safeguard the consultation.  We’re talking about $20 worth of medical care – and it cost me an opportunity cost upwards of $1200, and established tense, hate filled relationship with those little FLETC trained jackasses over at USCP – who tried to argue that it was completely sensible that our health care law should make it so complicated.  The USCP actually suggested that I should hire an attorney to negotiate my participation in Medicaid, which I am assigned to against my will by the incompetent failure that was CoverOregon!

Fuck you CoverOregon – fuck you Oregon – fuck you Merkley – fuck you Obama – it should just not be that fucking complicated to see a doctor.  I do *not* want your fucking protections any more – i do not want what you call rights.  Look at those rights – that’s a load of bullshit too – the MEC compliance process only makes cursory and imprecise reference to the general sense of “better insurance” where that is defined in Title I of the ACA.  Rights…. shit, it’s so complicated that you might have a right, but it may take years to figure out whether any given case does or does not qualify.  Having rights in theory is of little value when it is practically impossible to see a doctor, get a consultation, and pay them money!

And I *have* insurance – i just have the wrong kind and no one can tell me why.  I can not maintain the appropriate and effective insurance for my family, and the fucking ACA has created an exceptional bureaucratic distance between my family and health care.

I am so damn tired of having the conversation and effort reset.  I tried going through my senators and representative, but jesus they were useless, idiots with no understanding of the damn law.  I mean, I had to educate them about how the law works.  They literally did not know about the MEC compliance process – that’s not surprising, half the people in the HHS do not understand the MEC compliance process.  The one thing that the senator’s assistant did for me that was in any way useful, was find a Baker & MacKenzie document which verified my understanding of MEC-compliance.  I felt vindicated to read that my research had taken me exactly to the right spot – except I didn’t get paid shitloads of money.

In fact, I think I should bill the damn government for the time I spent doing that research, and I should charge them the standard Baker and MacKenzie rate.  We can take it as an advance tax credit.

It is 4:30 in the morning, I have no been able to sleep – every time I try to sleep i start thinking of the fact that my daughter is feeling ill because of the medication we had to get, and that the doors to fixing the problem are effectively shut down.  What Obamacare means to me is that it is effectively unrealistic to see a doctor for anything other than a life threatening condition.

We’re stopping the medication and giving up on the united states health care system for this issue.  We’ll go back to our health care home, spend $20, and deal with the issue at a competence level that is as good or better than the united states.  But who knows, maybe it is illegal for me to see doctors outside of Oregon – I would not be surprised if there was a law that stupid here.  Who knows what is in the law, the legislators certainly do not, and the police are ready to kill us to defend the right of legislators not to understand what they are doing.

This is a severely broken america – it’s not right/left, it’s just fucking broken.  Thank you for fucking up my health care Kitzhaber, Merkley, Obama and every other jackass behind that shitpile of legislation that is the ACA.  Fuck you all – your incompetence has convinced me that the united states model of government does not work as currently implemented.  Needs some serious fixing – and in the meantime, I figuratively spit on Kitzhaber, Merkley, and Obama in disgust.



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