The Air Force called today – this is not directly ACA related, but is Fed related

Because of the ACA I did not sleep until about 5:30 in the morning – the sun was coming up the last time I went downstairs to get a drink of water, and before I finally made it to sleep.  So, whether I want to or not, I fretted and tried to understand how in the world I can live in a country where a simple human right like seeing a doctor could be so inefficiently, incoherently, and inaccessibly overgoverned.  How could I have come to live in a country where legal and economic concerns dominate common sense and basic human rights – and how could I have come to live in a country where most of the citizens bought in to this social architecture like it made any kind of sense, and where discussion or efforts to change were met with singsong indoctrination about the glory of capitalism and the simple fact that we were the best-est, free-est, kick-assyist country in the world.

I explored the mental universe around these ideas, fueled by the imposition of an absolutely incoherent legalistic overhaul of the medical economy.  No – that’s not how you it – that’s the engineering, and engineering has to be local – the role of the legislature, the proper role of the legislature in the context of health care overhaul is not to produce a thousand pages, but a good 100 word amendment to the constitution stating the relationship between the federal government, the state government, the fundamental human rights and responsibilities that we, as a people, by virtue of a common constitution, do collectively ordain as essential.  Maybe sumthing like this – lifted directly from the Locke quotes on the wikipedia page about Self-Ownership:

Every citizen has the right to individual sovereignty, wherein every Citizen has a Property in their own Person and the right to decide what would become of themselves and what they would do, and as having a right to reap the benefits of what they did, insofar as they do not transgress the Boundary of another Citizen without establishing consent.  Neither the States nor the United States have a right to intrude within the Boundary of a Citizen, except as punishment for a crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted. 


Access to health care shall be universal and offered without regard to citizenship and without direct cost to the disadvantaged.  This right incurs the responsibility of States to provide such institutions as are required to ensure the common health of all Citizens, to legislate the minimum standard of health standard, to determine compliance and penalties, and to collect such revenues as are required to support the health of the Citizens.  


Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation of the following nature: the sharing of resources, including facilities, access, and monies between states so as to raise the united health to the highest possible standard, the arbitration of conflicts between States, the restitution for services rendered between Nations.  Congress shall not dictate, in any way, any further restriction upon the States, but may provide facilities and require the sharing and distribution of information required to assess the common sense.  The government will maintain this information without regard of individual identity, in such a manner so as to deny correlation between any other state or federal record describing the individual, and will provide common and uniform access to this information.

It’s a bit wordy, but it is a first draft – this, to me is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness linked to the fundamental rights of Self-Ownership – it is my body, damn it, and I want the Fucking Federal Fucking Government to get the Fuck out of my Fucking Business!  1000 pages of ACA legislation, creating situations wherein one might find the health care bureaucracy itself a traumatic, evil, life threatening obstacle is just not the way to do it.  You really fucked this up Washington – this was just a massive fuckup, trying to over legislate health care – I am exceptionally disappointed in you Barry – I mean cheneybush was a frankenstein of idiocy and cunning evil, but you – i had hope in you.  Bush was a cowardly little pussycat – likely a retarded pussycat, but you Barry, I fucking had hope in you – you shit on that hope with this ACA – so, to quote myself “Fuck You”

Let’s look at my proposed amendment in detail:

Section 1: The Right of Individual Sovereignty – Government rights end at my skin, but leaves room for the death penalty and prison doctors to experiment wildly on the incarcerated.  I used the 13th Amendment as a model, which establishes the proper conditions of State sponsored slavery.  I presume that the same legal machinery which allows the death penalty, but avoids death camps would come into play here – but you know, I honestly don’t know where that line is anymore – I had a god damn federal fucking employee threaten to “disappear my ass to guantanemo” and that was before we started to learn what happens there.  Do you fucking trust the government – they fucking lie and deceive and can not be trusted – they lost my trust, and I suspect they’ve lost the trust of most of america.

Section 2: Right of Access and Delegation to the States – the states are both required and empowered to provide health care.  This is a state matter, and the federal government’s role is to resolve interstate disputes according to our machinery of negotiation and due process.  Health care is not a matter of cost to the patient – ever, and it is offered to all people, regardless of race, sex, disposition, or citizenship – we the people do hereby offer the fruits of our excellence in health care to all upon our doorstep and within our borders.  One would hope that we the people would be so grand and great as to offer the same level of leadership in health care that we do running around trying to be the world’s thug and enforcer – but that is really just a hope for a hope, i do not have faith in we the people much, especially since the government of the people, by the people, continues to lie to me, deceive me, and just took a giant shit on my fucking health care.

Section 3: Limitation of Federal Power and Liability – I want the nation out.  This is critical.  We desperately need the diversity to affect positive change in our country.  Without diversity, we will not have a rich health care ecosystem, we will have an increasingly bloated, inefficient, and ineffective bureaucratically paralyzed health care system – meaning, what the fucking government did with the ACA was effectively amplify the core problems with health care.  And it is not about cost, you fucking jammed up the mechanism good and you shitcanned diversity.  I want true diversity – i want the right of people decide for them fucking selves, in groups that are smaller than the whole nation.  It could be that we mighty disagree – maybe in California you can get an abortion or have the state pay to turn your dick into a pussy, but maybe in the District of Columbia that will be frowned upon.  Point is, there is at least a way to navigate this as a society.  The battle for moral consensus can continue to be fought locally, and not by some distant, centralized, authority – americans are not known for their love of distant, centralized, universal and obtuse authorities – we call that Tyranny and we have given ourselves an obligation to get rid of it.  The ham fist of fucking Obamacare is a giant tyrant’s fist up my ass, and I am pissed to fucking hell about that.  I want my freedom of and access to health care back!


but yeah – i talked to the Air Force ROTC representative at Embry-Riddle today – cause, like I said, my daughter wants to be a pilot, and I’m suggesting to her that a decade in the Air Force, as an officer, might be a great way to get there, and teach her an enormous amount along the way.  Keep that in mind when I fucking talk to you motherfuckers in washington – for some fucking reason i still have some sense of obligation to my country, even though I feel that you – you motherfuckers in the current government can and should just get the fuck out – you are not competent to govern and it is time to start over.  I’m tired of your fucking lies and I will fight for my access to health care until you kill me.  Fuck you washington – i’m fucking claiming my right to manage my own fucking health care, so fuck you.




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