Argh! Two hours this morning – wife needs to see a doctor, but is that legal?

My wife is on the CAWEM program with the OHP – this is the only non-ACA, non-MEC compliant program associated with the expanded medicaid.  (You would be amazed how few people, even higher ups in the HHS, don’t understand that Medicaid has non-compliant programs – those idiotic federal jackasses still believe the lie that “medicaid is ACA” compliant – that is *NOT TRUE* – the CAWEM program is *NOT COMPLIANT* – but very few people, very few of the people who run medicaid, understand this)

CAWEM provided less coverage than the private catastrophic health insurance that we had before, except that it is run by the government and is slow, inefficient, difficult to work with, and, we suspect, triggers OAR 410-120-1280, which makes it illegal for us to seek health care for issues not listed as CAWEM covered.  In other words, thanks to fucking Obamacare, and jackoff as swipes like Merkley and Kitzhaber, their “good intentions” have made it actually fucking illegal to see a damn doctor.

I have no choice but to call the OHA client services line – last time I did that I was on hold for 59 minutes before the first person answered my call.  I just want to know if it is legal for my wife to see a doctor – still trying to figure that out – but mostly I’m explaining the damn law to the damn people who wrote and administer the damn law.  Seriously – no one at the state or federal level even fucking understands their own fucking health care laws.

FUCK YOU OBAMA – YOU DID THIS TO ME.  FUCK YOU MERKLEY – YOU SUPPORTED THIS.  FUCK YOU KITZHABER – YOU FUCKED UP THE STATE HEALTH CARE.  FUCK YOU ALL – it should *never* be illegal for someone to seek health care in the united states – yet that’s what you managed to do.  Fuck you.


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