Here we go – this is the sort of discussion I have with *reasonable* elements of our government – not those fucknuts in washington!

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Yes, you are a prime example of issues that the state faces with this roll out. Or more like roll back. I simply don’t have an answer. I consider myself very lucky to juts have coverage through my employer. Its my hope that eventually things will get corrected. It is really hard to forecast how long that would take at this point.

That is an incredible cost for a flight to anywhere in Asia. Is that round trip or each way? Hope the best for you, and thanks for keeping me up to date. I continue to archive your messages in case anything comes up where they are required. Good luck!


And I respond…..

I wish it was simply an example of ‘issues the state faces’ – there is a fundamental problem with the complexity of it all.  We are over-lawyered and common sense is no longer an option.

Federal health care law should stop at a hundred or so words of constitutional amendment charging the states with the responsibility of implementing access to health care.  Could have done the whole thing for 100 words of prime text.  1000+ pages attempting to coordinate literally hundreds of thousands of pages of legislation is not an effective way to manage a society – it just doesn’t work – the attempt at uniformity robs us of the diversity the states could have brought to it.
100 word constitution amendment, federal programs to support the states without dictating implementation – that would have been an elegant, cost effective solution – instead we have the least effective congress in history (there’s some NPR story about that) run by a bunch of entrenched dumbfucks purchased as little puppets of the rich and powerful…. that’s the Europe that we fled, not the america we could be – and that’s who we’ve entrusted to rebuild our health care…. just look at CoverOregon – that’s our future.
BTW, say hello to the feds…. they goofed the other day and i heard some of them trying to get a recording in place when I called back to HHS to clarify something in my earlier discussion with the nice (but not too bright) “ACA Specialist” I’m dealing with.  Seriously – hilarious little technical oops that belonged in a movie staring Leslie Nielsen, I didn’t have the heart to make any jokes about it – poor little ACA specialist was audibly sweating.
And still, it pisses me off that every single problem I have could be solved simply by, for example, letting me keep my existing insurance or at least giving me the ability to take some control over my health care.  How about accepting my offer to pay Tax Penalty – Insurance Premiums instead of Tax Penalty + Insurance Premiums?  Lot’s of options – except that the incompetent legislators and executives of the 2014 government are too un-dextrous and anti-agile to manage that.
They literally can no longer find a way to enable local judgement or common sense – there is this sense, almost Stalinist or Chinese, that only the central government can coordinate any social policy effectively.  It’s so authoritarian and backasswards that it is tragic – half the damn government is involved trying to figure out how non-compliant medicare programs interact with existing legislation to make it effectively illegal for me to pay a doctor for a consultation.  I want the fist of the state removed from my anus and I want the freedom to pay cash to see a doctor – we’ll deal with overhauling health care and establishing reasonable rates later – first and foremost they have to pull their bureaucratic fist from my ass.
In July I’m taking my daughter to a $20 dermatologist consutation overseas.  I’m getting my teeth cleaned, excellently, by the dental faculty at a solid school for $40.  I’m going to get a preventative EKG and cardio screen – maybe $120.  And all that is *before* insurance!  And you know what, it is *exactly* as good as you get here in terms of quality.  Just gotta escape all the protections being jammed down our throats by incompetent legislators like Obama and Merkley.
ah….. i want a break from this place.
and speaking of that flight – it is one way – I need to get some trees in the ground as it will take 3 years before they will fruit and we just decided wife will stay through daughter’s graduation from high school (sadly, not long enough to qualify for 1st class-immigrant status – my wife will *never* receive the *wonders* of obamacare – she’s just a little 2nd class brown girl).  so that means I need to get over and get the orchard started ASAP – and, I need a break.
I need to spend a little time feeling free, and taking advantage of the high quality, affordable health care before returning to this over-regulated minimum-security-prison nightmare that is modern america.
seriously though – you are fortunate with your health care.
wishing good health to you and yours,

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