My god, I’m turning republican because that fuck in the whitehouse stole my health care

It is memorial day and, thanks to bureaucracy, it is still technically illegal for me to take my wife to a doctor here in this country.  Thanks to the incompetence of my government – idiot shitwipes like Jeff Merkley who is one of my senators and who supported the ACA.  Fuck that idiot.

I find myself, for the first time in my life, reading and agreeing with shit from Forbes:  Here is something I agree with (from: )

What brought us to this point? Our failing public education system? The erosion of non-governmental social institutions? A media-induced national stupor? How about all of the above?

We publicly celebrate the birth of a nation uniquely founded on individual liberty and limited government, yet we keep returning professional politicians to office that not only mock these ideals but portray them as dangerous lunacy, characterizing advocates as potential terrorists.

We demand an ever expanding array of entitlements that we expect someone else to pay for, distributed by a corrupt and bankrupt bureaucracy we openly hold in contempt.

We’ve become so easily distracted by “culture war” sideshows that we’ve forgotten how to hold elected officials to minimal standards of competence.

We have descended into such an abject state of ungovernable dysfunction that the best we can do when a floundering president starts ruling by decree is stand back and gawk.

Yep – basic, minimal standards of competence.

I voted for you Obama – I supported you – I once had hope.  I was sitting in a consulate when your victory over that massive idiot cheneybush when they made the announcement 0f your victory.  There was a standing ovation, I stood with everyone – even the state department employees who called my wife a whore and threatened us, quite illegally, if we didn’t engage in illegal actions (yep, the state department).

So I did support you – i even supported Obamacare until I got fucked by it.

And now – your INCOMPETENCE at legislation has made it illegal for my to take my wife to a doctor.  Thank you – you miserable shit.



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