From a letter to a friend, just an aside about the latest facet of the Obamacarenightmare


BTW – you’ll get a kick out of this – I had to call HHS as part of this health care nightmare and the feds botched their wire tap in what I later described as a ‘Leslie Nielsen Moment’ – i got to listen to doofus and dicknut while they tried to fix the tap and get it back in recording mode.  And I have to shell out a few thousand dollars in June to renew my health insurance – the health insurance that is not recognized by the government of the united states, for reasons they themselves do not understand (we actually got in contact with the Director of Market Rules and Enforcement for Health and Human Services – he doesn’t understand that law either, that is ‘above his pay grade’).  Regardless, the interplay of OHP’s CAWEM program and OAR 410 120-1280 make it illegal for my wife to receive non emergency-room care here in the states, until she has been legally present in oregon for >= 5.0 years – prior to that time, if she wants the state-managed, non-compliant medicaid then it is illegal for her to use any facility *other than* the emergency room.  This program saves me $30/mo over what I had before (which the government told me I could not longer keep) and is not worth it – her part of our CoverOregon application from 7 months ago finally got processed and this is what happened.  The government is, once again, helping me to death against my will – too bad they just can’t stay the fuck out of it.


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