Light few days…. not a full hour of ACA pain in two whole days, time to look at a few pages of the crap OHP sent me

Well, it’s Sunday night and I’m probably heading out of the country.  Daughter did her homework, finished the laundry, wife studied for one of her government required tests (despite over 30 years experience in a restaurant/bar environment, she needs to get licensed to hand people beer here in OLCC), I did the vacuuming, clipped the weeks coupons, and sat down to clean up my desk in the corner of the living room.  I routinely shove health care related shit under my cat’s sleeping pad, then pull it out from time to time.  Earlier in this blog we talked about 20+ pages of crap.

The first page introduced us to the CAWEM – the non ACA compliant medicaid program which is equivalent to the private insurance that I am no longer allowed to have (if I also wish to avoid the Tax Penalty) – seriously, I had insurance that worked almost just fine, but now, now I spend hours every week trying to locate someone, anyone, in the fucking federal government who understands how this pile of ignorant bullshit works.  I say “almost” because pre-ACA the state of Oregon had a law indicating that I could not hold this sort of insurance for more than 12 months without a 2 month break.  What the fuck.  And this was pre-ACA.  Thankfully the insurance oversight staff was familiar enough with the loopholes that they were able to help me find a “questionable, but probably not a problem” work-around that bypassed the law (which makes you wonder, why the hell have that damn law in the first place! )  After the hours I spent on hold with the OHA, to find out why my wife qualified for only the non-ACA compliant medicaid program I couldn’t take any more.  I’m returning now to see what else was in that stack.

Three pieces of paper are about the appeals process if we did not like the judgement.  So 1 piece of paper, front and pack, describing that we did not meet the immigration/alien status requirements, and listing 17 laws in the OAR, one of which hid a rule indicating that the condition we did not meet was being a legal permanent resident for more than 5 years within Oregon.  Seriously, after the costs, humiliation, and degradation of the IR visa acquisition process we still can not get effective medicaid until we stay in one place for 5 years?  That seems pretty fucked up – so once again, fuck you Oregon, fuck you Oregonians, and fuck you, you cowardly USCIS/Homeland Security fucking fuckers – you’re so fucking afraid of everything that you nearly shit yourself with effort trying to make it difficult for me and my wife and daughter to relocate to the united states to participate in my mother’s death.  You, americans, homeland security, uscis – are suck fucking cowards that you can not even respect the integrity of a family attending to a beloved’s end of life.  Fuck you America, fuck you USCIS – you are fucking cowards.

So where was I – ok – first page was fucking annoying, then the next six sides were just what to do if we wanted to try to “upgrade” our status and appeal it.  I don’t fucking want to appeal it, I wan’t my freedom back so I can purchase the *identical* fucking insurance and get away from the government.  I do not *want* Obamacare Medicaid that requires that we also pay the Tax Penalty.  I do not want to be forced to interact with this inefficient and fucked up waste of a government, just to regain my family’s rights to their individual sovereignty – we are not property of anyone or anything, we are each individually sovereign (as in Locke’s concept, you are your own property – see this: – not the ‘sovereign citizen’ stuff, and I need to make this case why?  because using the sovereign citizen term in conversations that are being monitored by the national government is risky – it is literally risky to discuss politics in the united states these days – seriously.  what the fuck happened to the constitution!)

But – now that I have recycled these 8 pages of information, none of which are welcome in my life I see what’s next.  The page is yellow… it is a list of benefits covered by….. OHP Plus, OHP with Limited Drug, and CAWEM Plus.  What the fuck.  are we CAWEM plus?  I grab the paper I’ve just recycled to check – and then I see at the bottom of the page a statement for “Other benefits packages” of which CAWEM is one.  I check on the recycled paper and it says only CAWEM, not CAWEM plus – so I think the only line on publication DMAP 1418 that is relevant is the after note at the bottom of the page.

Great – took a while to figure this out from this impressive list of benefits that are not available to us.  Can’t someone just make sense of this?  Why is the government forcing me to try to reverse engineer this asinine health care system they’ve created.  Fuck you Oregon, Fuck you Washington, Fuck you Kitzhaber – you’re a shitnugget if I ever saw one (and i’m triple pissed at you today because I had to see your fucking offensive name on a political candidacy ad!  Fuck you, you mustachioed fuck)

I turn the yellow paper over and am asked “Are you enrolled in a CCO or are you an open card member?” – is this yet another thing they do not understand?  Is there no fucking coordination in this government?  What the fuck is a CCO?  Again, I’m an idiot, I’ve had access to affordable, high quality health care – I see doctors and utilize hospitals, I have no fucking idea what a CCO is.

There is an example of a page and some instructions at how to look at some chart that it seems like I should see somewhere.  There is a pair of examples of overly complicated acronym soup – something about DCO and CCO – maybe DCO is a dental care organization, so a CCO is a “C” care organization.  What the fuck is the C for and why is it important?  There is a highlighted bubble and some circles and arrows – the page instructs me that “These letters relate to the letters on page 3”.  Jesus – this is a User Interface Fail – what the fuck am I trying to figure out.  Shit – if the information can not be presented sensibly, it probably doesn’t apply – so I recycle the yellow page.  It appears to contain no information of relevance.

Next page is something about Oregon Health Plan – that may be the same as CAWEM, maybe not.  I don’t know – and we are enrolled in this against our wishes, and only because of the confusion internal to the government about how to apply the ACA to our lives.  So we’re stuck on OHP, non-compliant plan, out of confusion on behalf of the government on to how we can be compliant.  Fucking frustrating – it would have been so simple if “if you have insurance, you can keep it” worked – I have insurance, still do, and we have OHP because they couldn’t account for my plan on the MEC-compliance list operated by James Mayhew.

I scan this – this is talking about providers and I see that CCO is a “coordinated care organization” – jesus, it was so simple overseas – if you’re sick, go to your doctor.  That’s it.  If you want medical advice, go to your doctor.  Try different doctors until you find one you get on with.  It’s that simple.  Here is some shit about care coordination organizations and provider registries, and options that I have that may or may not be in alignment with my current choice of doctor, who is ceasing to take insurance.  Fuck – I think I just had my Dr. yanked out from under me by this OHP.  Do I need to select a new doctor?  Who the fuck understands this shit – and you know what, I have a bi-weekly call with a Director of the OHA, who has been absolutely unable to provide any information of value to me – nice gal, but ultimately useless.  I just want the freedom to fucking see a god damn doctor that I get along well with and figure out how to pay for it sensibly without resorting to this fucked up OHP or any government program.  Argh!

I see on the reverse of this page that there are more conditions and sub conditions about the agencies involved in the different aspects of running this behemoth of inefficiency – good lord.  I have my damn Dr’s number, why can’t I just use that…. I scan further down the list of phone numbers and legal bullshit – i see that the number that I dialed (59 minutes on hold before the first answer) is listed for questions about eligibility.  Golly me – I figured that out before.  Still waited for 59 minutes, and then a bit longer, to learn that my wife is a 2nd class immigrant, liable for the Tax Penalty, who can access only non-compliant health care via Medicaid but who, like me, has perfectly fucking fine insurance that is not on James Mayhew’s MEC-compliant policy list in the Enforcement Division of the CCIIO of the CMS of the HHS – damn it – i just want to see my damn doctor.

Returning to the united states after 10 years abroad and it is beyond pathetic how fucked up our government has made our health care.  You’re damn right I don’t want the ACA – the government has a sort of anti-midas finger, everything it touches turns to shit – and I do not want it to fully destroy the pathetic united states health care system it has already partially shitified.

The next piece of paper is my “explanation of benefits” – this appears to be the welcome letter that says that we are on a plan, and explains a bunch of other stuff.  It’s strange, no one in the government can simply come out and say something – this is the announcement that I will soon know what plans my family has.  At the bottom I see that my wife supposedly applied for her health care three times back in April and was then assigned a short while later.  Why three times?  Why April?  This is insane – we applied over a dozen times, as a family, in October through January, then 2/3rds of the family got on OHP (because the state could not answer the question – how do we document our existing insurance) – then, only later – as part of my battle, did we find out that my wife’s records had gotten all screwed up.

I turn the page over and I see a chart like that yellow explanation of benefits.  There is no data in the final column, so the examples on that yellow paper do not really apply.  I am vindicated in thinking that the yellow paper was useless.  I laugh, because this lists “everyone in my household” and only my wife is on it.  I laugh because I had to fight the government so hard to document my family, because the united states so vehemently attacks families, because they are greedy little over-regulated cowards hiding in their little nanny-state and I had to work through half a dozen agencies over the span of two years, just to get the right to be documented as a family – and it means nothing when the ACA is involved.   Fuck you ACA – fuck you Kitzhaber, Obama, Merkley, Wyden, Bonamicci – fuck you oregon, and fuck you america – get the fuck out of my fucking health care – all of you, out, out, out – you did not help the situation, you fucked me and then, in a twist of irony, you refer to me as a success and being ‘helped by’ the ACA – fuck you all.

Last page is a sheet of what look like cards.  This i’ve seen before – the state isn’t very bright when it comes to software – look at how much they blew on Cover Oregon – so it doesn’t surprise me that they can’t handle distributing a piece of shit paper card in a user friendly way.  I’ve read several times that the card does not guarantee benefits – so I scrape all the paper into the recycle bin.

Not bad – just an hour of reading papers that turned out to be more confusing than anything.  Why they couldn’t process our family as a family I’ll never know – but then nothing that comes out of OHA or CoverOregon makes much sense.  I just wish I didn’t have assholes with guns forcing me to pay for this level of shitty service.

Fuck you America – you are not the country I was born in, you are no longer a country worthy of honor – you’re a bunch of cowardly, greedy, fucks with a dysfunctional government and an economy that’s trashing the planet to keep you fat.  You can’t even see a doctor in the united states – what a fucking shitty place to live – I can not wait to get out again.

Fuck you ACA.






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